Imper Torch applied waterproofing membranes
imper paralon ARD/HS grey mineralThe Products in Brief
Imper Italia Paralon NT4 and ARD/HS are rolls of roof waterproofing sheet membranes which are manufactured from the same polymer-modified bitumen compound.
Paralon consists of bitumen compound 4mm thick reinforced with non-woven Trevira ® polyester fabric. Its upper side is unfaced but is treated with an silicate powder anti-blocking surface treatment.
Paralon ARD/HS Paralon consists of bitumen compound 4mm thick reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric, and faced on one side with coloured slate granules.
Granule facing colours available are Grey, Green, Black and Red.
The facing covers the whole sheet except for a 80mm wide strip running lengthwise along one edge. This is refered to as the selvedge. The underside is coated with a thermoplastic film called Termotene® which prevents “blocking” in the rolls. The selvedge is also covered with Termotene®.
red mineral paralon ARD/HSTermotene® is a patented treatment (No.68751-A/77) consisting in the application of a thin film with a base of thermoplastic resins on the lower face of the waterproofing membrane, by means of a chemical physical adhesion process. While the prime purpose of the Termotene® treatment is to separate the coils of the rolls, it also acts as a powerful adhesive during the laying by torching, reducing LPG consumption by 50% and also allows the possibility to carry out spot bonding.

The polymer-modified bitumen base for Paralon NT4 and ARD/HS called Paralloy is manufactured by blending petroleum based bitumens, polypropylene thermoplastics (mainly atactic poly propylene) and small percentages of metallocenic resin and ethylene-propylene copolymer rubbers.

paralon ADR/HS red mineralThe Paralon membranes will resist wind uplift forces in excess of those applicable to buildings designed and constructed within the scope of NZ3604 and NZS 4229 for “high wind” exposures.
The membrane has an ultimate limit state wind pressure uplift of 8.0 kPa. This results in a safe design wind pressure uplift of 6.3 kPa.

Imper Italia Paralon membranes are covered by the BRANZ Appraisal Certificate 141A (1996)

Paralon was imported and marketed within New Zealand by Nuralite NZ Ltd, but has been withdrawn from the New Zealand market and replaced with Nuraply3P

Imper Italia Manufacturing Plants: TURIN and MAPPANO,  ITALY

Technical Data Specifications
Roll Sizes
10 x 1m (33 ft x 3ft 3 ½”)
4.0 mm  (5/32”)
Compound weight
0.96 kg/dm3
Tensile strength
Longitudinal resistance

750 N/5cm
Transversal resistance
650 N/5cm
Longitudinal elongation
Transversal elongation
Low temperature flexibility
-20 0C
High temperature dimensional stabilty

=140 0C
Hot temperature slip
(900 slope, 900 C temperature

Impermability to water
>60 kPa
Permeability to water vapour
~ 80000 µ
Static puncture resistance
On rigid and non rigid substrate

Dymanic puncture resistance
On rigid and non rigid substrate

Ageing resistance in hot air conditions (180 days @ 700 C)
Low temperature flexibility after ageing

-15 0C
UV ageing resistance

Tearing strength (Method B)

160 N
180 N
Dimensional stability following thermal action

< 0.5%

imper paralon ARD/HS grey mineral imper paralon ARD/HS grey mineral
imper paralon ARD/HS grey mineral imper paralon ARD/HS grey mineral paralon NT4 applied to garage roof, to be covered with pavers as a rooftop garden/patio area
paralon ARD/HS Red Mineral imper paralon ARD/HS black mineral imper paralon ARD/HS Green mineral

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