low level view of the completed DecKing  RoofdeckDEC-K-ING PVC membranes are the product of choice for areas requiring a waterproof walking surface. Both decks and roof decks (a flat roof used as a leisure area) are the most common uses for the product. PVC membranes offer many features that traditional deck alternatives cannot. DEC-K-ING membranes are maintenance free; once a deck is installed no yearly upkeep is necessary. The surface is mildew & salt resistant, and contains U.V. inhibitors. The membrane will never crack or rot. Available in different colors and textures, DEC-K-ING vinyl will enhance value and add beauty to any deck while complementing the building. Most importantly, DEC-K-ING membranes are completely waterproof, protecting the area underneath from the damaging effects of water.
DEC-K-ING vinyl membranes are manufactured by laminating two layers of PVC to a polyester mesh. The result is a strong and durable product that will protect a deck or roof deck for years. The products are designed for all climates, and will expand and contract with the temperatures as needed. In the southern hemisphere where the UV rays are stronger then North America, DEC-K-ING installations continue to ‘hold up’ after 10 years. DEC-K-ING installations completed as long as 20 years ago in the cold climates of Eastern Canada and Alaska have also met the test of time. The products are approved for use over living space as a roof walking surface, complying to building codes in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. DEC-K-ING membranes can be installed on most decking surfaces including wood, concrete and fiberglass.
Membrane Features:
Salt & UV resistant
Low maintenance
Contains mildew inhibitors
Slip resistant
Covers most surfaces
Stays cool
125% expansion factor
Full technical support
15yr warranty
Download BRANZ Appraisal Certificate 411(1) in pdf format

The V-Kote Tek™ waterproofing system is the process of fusing two PVC surfaces permanently together.
Any waterproofing system is only as good as its weakest point. With over 25 years in the deck waterproofing industry, DEC-K-ING knows from experience where water is most likely to infiltrate the building envelope. V-Kote Tek™ is engineered to add protection to the most critical areas of a project, offering PVC coated accessories and pre manufactured boots to ensure factory consistency throughout. Reinforced PVC membrane details previously impossible to make, extending in multiple directions, are now manufactured by sophisticated electronic equipment. V-Kote Tek™ is the most technologically advanced deck waterproofing system on the market.

PVC Coated Metal Flashing: Membrane is heat welded permanently to top of PVC coated flashing rather than bent over flashing which only adds stress to the membrane.
the edge of the plywood is to be routered out to recieve the pvc coated drip edge the metal drip edge is glued and nailed into the routered recess
the Dec-King membrane is hot air welded to the pvc coated drip edge another close up view of another permanent coated metal edge flashing
example of the pvc coated drip edge used as a turndown into a gutter example of pvc coated drip edge used behind side mounted fence palings
example of the pvc coated drip edge used as a finish for a side watercheck example of a completed pvc coated drip edge

Door Corner Boot: Protects the critical area with a one-piece workshop made unit.
a pre- manufactured corner boot example of the pvc corner boot in place

Termination Bar An Aluminium extruded bar coated with baked enamel finish used to mechanically fix Dec-King membrane on exterior wall surfaces, step risers, ramps and deck outer edges. ( Not normally used over habitable living areas).
termination bar used to fix membrane to stucco wall termination bar used to fix membrane to cedar siding

Membrane Application

The plywood substrate is fitted to the framing, the screw holes filled with filler and sanded ready for the DecKing membrane application applying the contact adhesive to the membrane and the deck substrate rolling the bonded surface to remove air bubbles and ensure full contact close up of hot air welding the laps the corner is hot air welded together then welded to one side of the upstand DecKing membrane completed ready for parapet cladding

 DecKing is marketed in New Zealand by Viking Group

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deck membrane completed, looking down from south corner, mid day bright sun looking down on part of lower deck deck is completed looking south
the PVC deck membrane is completed top deck membrane completed